Barry O. – lektor anglického jazyka

“My name is Barry ODonohoe. I am 30 years old and I’mm originally from Dublin, Ireland. I have been teaching general, academic and business English for over 7 years now. I’ve taught kids, teenagers and adults of various nationalities such as Italian, Spanish, Slovak, Brazilian and Japanese. I really enjoy building the student-teacher relationship and creating and providing the tools that help my students improve their English language skills both during our lessons but also outside of the classroom. I have taught both in Dublin and in Slovakia in various settings such state schools, universities and language schools and now online!

Since becoming a CELTA qualified teacher and also living in a non English speaking country. I fully understand how speaking a second language confidently and fluently, opens up more opportunities both personally (making friends, watching movies, shopping, travelling) and professionally (travelling for work, communicating with colleagues, pursuing further education or professional development opportunities ) I have recently joined and my experience has been positive. have been flexible with my teaching hours and have been responsive to my questions.

If you would like a great language company to work with your schedule and interact with fantastic teachers online, I would choose

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